How to use Queue-it to prevent bad bots4-2

Are you running high-demand sales or registrations but are unsure whether bots are causing problems? Do you find it challenging to distinguish between genuine visitors and bad bots? Are you not entirely confident that you're blocking malicious traffic?  

Bad bots are a pest. They harm brand reputation, skew analytics, and increase support costs. But fear not, we've got your back.  

In this 45 min webinar we’ll explain how to: 

  • Analyze your waiting room traffic in the GO Queue-it Platform 
  • Detect and understand malicious traffic 
  • Use this data to mitigate bots & abuse 

And you’ll get to ask product experts Martin Larsen and Lotte Esbensen all your questions. 

Who will find this webinar useful?
Whether you're a Queue-it newbie or a seasoned pro, we're here to help you stay ahead of the bot game. 

Sign up now and let's make your next sale or registration a fairer experience for everyone. 

PS Already have plans on May 24? No problem. RSVP now and you'll still receive the session recording to watch on-demand after the event. 

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How to use Queue-it to prevent bad bots